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Over the years, I have learned many things and made a lot of mistakes, and in this guide, I am going to outline the best, fastest route you can take to start your own freelance business and start making money offering digital marketing services to clients. No matter what way you decide to set up, use these tips to help launch your career as a freelance marketer.
Prospective clients are looking for experts, meaning that identifying where you can position yourself effectively as an expert will result in a more profitable freelance career. There are generic freelance markets, job boards, and speciality services that can help connect you with the best tech talent. Best of all, you will get matchmaking from recruiters that can match you with clients looking for digital marketing freelancers.
Finding freelance marketing experts on job sites is effective only when you pick the right ones. While there are plenty of qualified, talented digital marketing freelancers that your business can partner with, talent alone does not guarantee that your freelancers will do a good job.

Build your Career as a Digital Marketing Freelancer

Yes, Digital Marketing Freelance can be a tremendous career, but it is not a straightforward path to getting there, and you are sure to face challenges along the way. One of the misconceptions many people have regarding digital freelance marketing (and freelancing more generally) is that freelance marketing is a stress-free job. As a freelance marketing professional, you get to be your own boss, and determine your hours and rules, while doing something productive and valuable.
If you decide you want to quit freelancing, you could use your experience and skills to set up your own online business (it could be a digital marketing agency or any type of an online business), or even get a higher-paying job and work as a digital marketing manager. It is hard to find freelancers who have a wide variety of specialized skills, so it is more likely that you would have to hire and then coordinate multiple freelancers in order to run an entire digital marketing strategy, which
can be extremely time-consuming and is a full-time job in itself. Aside from freelancer platforms, you could also look at traditional job sites, as well as contact companies hiring for a full-time position in digital marketing.

Work Opportunities

Once you sign up for an account, you can browse the job listings posted by companies, submit proposals, and hopefully, get your first digital marketing freelancer job. There are several reasons why top-level marketing professionals will opt for freelancing. There are also a number of digital marketing courses and certifications that you can take, like Google Analytics certification, and Hubspot content marketing certification. When you are working as a freelancer, adding to your knowledge base is crucial for staying on top of your competition.
If you are proficient in most of the job descriptions listed above, you may find yourself asked to work on more technical projects, which requires you to have knowledge in more marketing verticals. Read our guide to top freelancing sites for hiring talent for growing your company. Here are our top picks for the best websites for freelance developers. Since Thrive Themes is uniquely equipped to help both freelancers and marketers grow their businesses and build amazing marketing campaigns for their own websites (and those of clients), we are pulling out all of the stops for this massive digital marketing freelancer guide.

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